A small group study for all Students 8th -12th grade! Offered at St. Joseph's and St. Paul's.


What is YDisciple? It is an apprenticeship to the Christian Life! It is not a program! It is designed provide an environment that allows the teen to grow in their faith!

How does this work?

  1. Small groups meet weekly or bi-weekly outside of a classroom setting with one or two small group leaders!

  2. Teens decide a time and place to meet. Groups can meet at coffee shops, the Newman Center, teen’s houses, restaurants, etc.

  3. Teens can join a small group or create their own - friends are welcome to join!

  4. Sessions consist of activities, videos, discussion, faith sharing, prayer and more!

  5. Personal growth in your own faith.

  6. Large group activities & events.

  7. All small group leaders are trained by the parish liaison at the Youth Office, and successfully complete all diocesan Safe Environment protocol

How does YDisciple work at St. Joseph’s and St. Paul’s?

  1. Train and equip adults to disciple teens.
  2. Connect teens with caring, faith-filled adults who can apprentice them in the disciplines of a disciple.
  3. Draw teens out of the crowd into an environment where they can be known and cared for.
  4. Share and teach in a small group setting where testimony, discussion, and faith sharing can take place.
  5. Support parishes with resources to grow in their faith and share their faith with teenagers.
  6. Provide quality content so adult leaders can effectively introduce and explore topics of the faith.
  7. Mobilize as many adults as possible to mentor teens through a user-friendly online platform.


Registration will be part of the Faith Formation registration form or contact Taylor at [email protected]!