Registation CLOSED
Steubenville Registration is closed filling out THIS form
will add you to the waitlsit but will not guarantee your registration.

Cost - $400 per student
Deposit - $100 per student

Who Can Go

Students: who have completed 8th - 12th grade

Chaperones: any adult who is over 21 who has completed the Diocesan Safe Envioronment trainging and passed our Diocesan Backround Check

Payment Information:

Checks should be made out to St. Joseph Catholic Church for the $100 deposit.  (please put Steubenville and students name in the memo)
*Please do not let this deposit, or the cost, be a reason not to go if your family needs help covering this cost talk to Taylor and we will figure something out.

We will do everything possible to fundraise AS MUCH of the other $300 as possible.  In the next section are the fundraiser dates and times, students (or family memeber) must be prestent at fundraiser in order to get funds from it towards the trip.  Anything not fundraised by the student will be due to the parish by May 27th.

Fundraiser Dates:

  • December 11th/12th Caramel Roll Fundraiser
  • January 29th/30th Bake Sale
  • Steubemville Photo Board (February-March)
  • Febraury 12th/13th Caramel Roll Fundraiser
  • Dinner With the Priest Raffle ($40 tickets)
  • March 10th St. Joseph Feast Day Celebration
  • April 9th/10th Bake Sale

Things I Need After You Register:

1) The $100 Deposit
2) A recent Photo of your students emailed to [email protected] 
3) You to save my number in your cell phone.  This is for so many reasons, but mostly so you can get ahold of me with any questions, concerns, and during the trip!

(This will change and get more detailed the closer we get to the trip)

Thursday July 28
-Depart from St. Joseph at 8 a.m.

Friday July 29
-Silverwood Amusement Park during the day

Saturday July 30

Sunday July 31
-Depart Spokane around noon

Monday August 1
-Return to St. Joseph in the early hours of the morning.