EPIC: Middle School

6th, 7th, & 8th Graders

Middle school youth are removed from behind classroom desks and brought into a large-group environment for gathering activities, teachings and prayer. In small groups, they break open the teachings and build solid, Christ-centered relationships that allow them to comfortably explore the Catholic faith and make it relevant to their everyday lives. This helps build safe relationships during some of the more formative years of a teen's life.

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Theme: New Fire
Armed with a critical mission, the early Church moved forward in faith and boldness. It’s that same Spirit — a spirit of power and love — that the Church of today must and will have to move forward, sharing the Gospel with the next generation. It’s time to come together, once again. It’s time for a New Fire in our homes, parishes, and culture. It’s time to call on the Spirit like never before and respond to the mission put before us.