The CARES ministry is designed to meet the sacramental and spiritual needs of our home bound, seriously ill, lonely, dying, and grieving members of our faith community.   The CARES means that it is Christ centered, assures the sacraments of Annointing, Reconciliation, Eucharist, and continued Spiritual support.   It is a process shared by our clergy, home bound ministry, prayer shawl ministry, and CARES ministers.   Our vision is that all homebound, seriously ill, dying, and grieving Catholic encounters and knows Christ's love for them and remain active in their faith and a continued member of our faith community.    Initial contact is through the church office to assure reception of the sacraments and coordination of the following ministries.  Church office telephone:  605-642-2306.     

Homebound Ministry - Margaret Anderson:                         

CARES Prayer Shawl Ministry - Carol Athow:   605-645-0202

CARES Ministry and Seasons of Hope - MaryAnn Herrboldt:   605-722-5406