Catholics Come Home


Do you know someone who has left the Church?

Most of us do not have to look very far to find non-practicing Catholics in our circle of family and friends.  Many of us are concerned about these loved ones, but we don't know how to help them.  Obviously, most of them are searching, but how can we help them find their way home?

As baptized, practicing Catholics, we have a precious gift of faith and love from the Lord that needs to be shared with our non-practicing brothers and sisters.

  1. We need to pray for them.
  2. we need to extend a personal invitation to them to come home to the Catholic Church.

Most non-practicing Catholics are waiting for an invitation to return.  Many mistakenly think they are excommunicated and are not welcome to return for a variety of reasons.

Many non-practicing Catholics carry with them a tremendous amount of guild and misinformation about the Church and are afraid of approaching the church for fear of being rejected.  You can make a tremendous difference in someone's life simply by reaching out to them and telling them that we miss them and would like for them to come back home to our Church family.

At St. Joseph's Church we have a special program to help non-practicing Catholics return to the Church entitled "Catholics Come Home."  The series begins on Thursday, September 20th at 6:30 p.m. at St. Joseph's Church.  Please invite anyone who might be interested.  We invite you to speak to a person that you believe will benefit from this program to attend a Mass with you especially during the start up of our religious education programs.

CLICK HERE for a printable Information Flyer

For more information call St. Joseph Church at 605-243-2306 and ask for Diane Say or email at